Qigong for Conductors

with Theresa McGee

Theresa McGee

Theresa Diaz McGee is a conductor who has been recognized for her ability to create passionate and expressive performances.   

She has been Music Director of the Wallingford Chamber Orchestra (2002-2011), the Wallingford Chorus (2002-2011), Assistant Conductor and cover conductor for the Greater Bridgeport Symphony Orchestra (2004-2011), and Music Director and Principal Orchestra Conductor of the Greater Bridgeport Youth Orchestra (2007-2008).

Her career has taken her to cities in the U.S. and abroad.

Orchestras she has led include the New Symphony Orchestra of Sophia, Bulgaria, the Mozart Chamber Orchestra, the New Orchestra of Boston, the Keene Choral Festival Orchestra, the Portland Opera Repertory Orchestra, and the Connecticut Valley Chamber Orchestra.

Named as a semi-finalist of The American Prize for 2010, Ms. McGee earned this honor in three separate categories.

In addition to a lifetime as a music educator and performer, Ms. McGee‘s interests extend beyond the artistic and into the burgeoning fields of bioenergy and cognition.  For nearly 15 years, she has studied many methods of energy work.

Fascinated by the role that the brain, perception, and the sub-conscious play on performance, recovery from injury, resistance to success, and general health; she has clarified ways to release the inner blocks that interfere, defeat, and limit our gifts.

By thoughtfully integrating complimentary modalities, a distinctive program has evolved to help others in their search for increased awareness, strength, wholeness, and peace.  Her patience and insight allow her to connect with individual clients and groups wherever they are in their progress.

Recognizing the direct correlation between the ancient Eastern practice of Qigong and the art of conducting, she developed “Qigong for Conductors” as a program of bioenergetic movement that targets the unique physical demands of conductors in every musical genre.

A conductor and educator with a wealth of experience and specialized skills in bioenergy systems and movement, she is singularly qualified to address the physical challenges that conductors face.  She continues to explore ways to strengthen others in their pursuit of self-mastery, creativity, peak performance, wellness, and an abundant life.


Photo of Theresa McGee by Kim Bova Photography

Course Syllabus

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Qigong for Conductors class.


  • Qigong Associate Instructor
  • Tui Na Therapy
  • Usui Reiki Master Teacher
  • Theta Healing
  • Cupping Practitioner
Additional bioenergy studies in various modalities.

Additional movement studies:

Tai Chi, yoga, Pilates, and several dance forms.

Theresa McGee is an excellent Qigong Instructor, but what makes her work really special is that she is also an experienced and talented conductor.  With her diverse background, she is able to create a series of exercises that relax and focus the body that can enhance and enrich any conducting workshop.  I had Theresa teach some classes for a Conducting Gestures Workshop that I taught in Allentown, PA a few years ago and she was absolutely wonderful.  Her morning sessions were a highlight of the course.  I recommend her highly and know that all conductors will benefit from working with her.


Diane Wittry

Music Director and Conductor

Allentown Symphony Orchestra, PA


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