What is Tai Chi?

Health Exercise Routine
T ai Chi originated in China as a martial art around the 12th century.  It eventually evolved into many different styles, the major ones being Chen, Yang, and Wu.

It can be practiced as a health exercise routine, a sport, or for self-defense.

The words Tai Chi (or Taichi, Taiji, Tai Chi Chuan etc.) can be translated in various ways, and are often misinterpreted.  Literally Tai Chi means “great polarity”, the opposite poles of Yin and Yang – where an opposite exists due to the existence of the other.  What!?  Yeah.  It requires a longer explanation that is outside the parameters of this page.  Suffice it to say that in this case, Qi is not to be mistaken for the Qi in Qigong (life force energy), but rather, Tai Chi is the study through movement of the balance of opposing forces – the Yin and Yang.

The foundation of Tai Chi is based on the principles of Qigong.  Although the movements are similarly gentle and flowing, Tai Chi requires deep mental concentration and physical control.  Regular practice can lead to improved circulation, balance and flexibility, and to increased internal and external strength.

Tai Chi can massage the internal organs, promotes good body alignment and stability, and produces an aerobic exchange of oxygen.  Because Tai Chi embraces efficient breathing, inner focus, and mental awareness, it is often referred to as a moving meditation.   It is a low impact, weight-bearing exercise that can be practiced almost anywhere, at any time, by most people.

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