What is Qigong?

Mind-Body Wellness Practice
Q  igong is an ancient Chinese mind-body wellness practice.  It has been practiced in China for over 3,000 years. 

There are many styles of Qigong, and all are used as a method for improving and maintaining health.   

The word Qigong means energy (Qi, or chi) and work or practice (Gong, or kong).  It is a system of movement that combines slow, gentle positions, breathing techniques, and focused attention for the purpose of cultivating and balancing life force energy (Qi). 

This life force energy is the universal source of existence for all beings.  Qigong’s easy, simple postures and flowing, rhythmic movements can be used to increase circulation and to unblock and regulate the flow of Qi through the energy pathways (meridians) of our body.  

By releasing energy blockages and balancing the life force energy throughout the body we can maintain full function, optimum health and prevent illness.  Qigong promotes deep relaxation;  it helps to improve physical strength, balance, flexibility, and coordination, and it can increase mobility in muscles and joints.  

Its use of mindful breathing reduces stress and brings awareness to the mind-body connection.  Because there is no special equipment required, and only minimal space is needed, Qigong can be practiced almost anywhere.  Because Qigong is easily modified to accommodate physical limitations, it can be practiced by almost anyone.  While its benefits can be felt right away, maintaining a regular, consistent practice of Qigong produces better results.

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